Available Distilled Spirits

2015 Nocino
90 Proof / 375ml - $47.00
Rested 3 years on new charcoaled American Oak and finished for 1 year in our used Oregon Oak whiskey barrels. This is a very dark whiskey and a fine treat. Very limited quantities of this whiskey are available.
Early Whiskey
89 Proof / 750ml - $39.50
Distilled from 2-row brewers barley aged 2 months in Oregon oak barrels. Packed with caramel notes and full flavors from our mashing techniques, entirely hand made with premium all local ingredients.
Moonshine Whiskey
90 Proof / 750ml - $33.00
Pot distilled twice using the same mash as our single barrel whiskey. Extracted clear and tempered for a unique, intense sample of our youngest spirit.
State of Jefferson Rum
92 Proof / 750ml - $24.40
Distilled from cane sugar, a blend of our aged rum from charred Oregon Oak barrels and unaged, new-make rum. Notes of oak and bourbon-like quality, with the sweetness of caramel and vanilla. Absent of spice or pepper.
Knarr Absinthe Verte
156 Proof / 750ml - $43.50
Here at Immortal Spirits, we grow our own herbs for this absinthe. Distilled from a blend of red and white Oregon wine from the Rogue Valley, our "KNARR" absinthe verte is sure to surprise and impress.
Eau de Vie Poire
90 Proof / 375ml $29.80
Fresh local Rogue Valley Pears double pot distilled into a smooth aromatic TREAT! This spirited pear brandy is a blend of our aged 2010 production and our 2015 distillation.
86 Proof / 750ml - $30.00
This Gin is pot distilled 3 times from the same barley malt mash as our whiskey. Herbs are added to the boiling chamber and to the gin basket for a complete infusion of classic gin herbs.
Tyrants Blackberry Brandy
88 Proof / 375ml - $37.00
Fresh Rogue Valley Blackberries mashed into wine and distilled twice. A portion aged in new Oregon Oak barrels for 3 years and transfered to stainless kettles. We add more berries regularly to produce a very rich, floral spirit.
86 Proof - N/A
We did not distill this vodka, however it is distilled in the USA from organic wheat. Blended and tempered in house, it is exclusively available at our tasting room and provides the foundation for many of our infusions.
2015 Nocino
30 /375 ml
Italian walnut liqueur, 90 proof. Limited supplies left of the 2015 release, available at the tasting room in hand numbered bottles.
Seasonal Spirits
We offer fine seasonal specialties to treat your palate. Please ask your server which Seasonal Spirit is currently available.

Growler Selection

Aces High
$27.00 Growler Included
$24.00 Refill
An Ultrapremium premixed cocktail of Knarr Absinthe, ginger ale, and simple syrup, with natural flavors added from, fresh muddled basil, cucumber, and fresh squeezed lime juice.
Straw Peary
$28.00 Growler Included
$25.00 Refill
An Ultrapremium premixed cocktail of Pear Brandy and Ginger ale, with natural flavors added from fresh muddled mint, cucumber, strawberries and fresh squeezed lime juice.
Murdered By Pirates!
$23.00 Growler Included
$20.00 Refill
An Ultrapremium premixed cocktail of Immortal Spirits “State of Jefferson Rum”, carbonated lemon soda, and fresh squeezed lemon juice.
Whiskey Ginger
$25.00 Growler Included
$22.00 Refill
An Ultrapremium premixed cocktail of Immortal Spirits EARLY Whiskey, ginger ale, and fresh squeezed lime juice.
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